General Service – Road / MTB

The General Service is recommended approximately every 6 months, depending on how often you ride and the riding conditions.

Please note we DO NOT work on “Supermarket” bikes such as Cyclone, Totem, Peerless, Backtrail, Raleigh Mountain Bikes, Surge, Spalding, Dunlop or other cheap Chinese bikes.

Tandems attract a 50% additional charge.

Trikes / Recumbents / Specials by arrangement only and pricing is job specific.

The General Service includes the following:


  • Check wheel bearing play and adjust if necessary.
  • Inspect tyres for wear and damage.
  • Check tyre pressure.
  • Check spoke tension and touch-true wheels.
  • Clean, inspect and grease wheel skewers if applicable.


  • Check fork and rear shock for wear (if applicable.)
  • Inspect visible fork components and rear linkages for play and wear.

Frame and related

  • Check headset for play / wear
  • Inspect for loose bolts and nuts
  • Clean and grease seat post


  • Inspect chain for wear, clean and lubricate
  • Clean cassette
  • Clean and adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • Replace gear cables and housings if required. * parts extra

V-Brake / Caliper Brakes

  • Inspect brake pads for wear / age and adjust or replace as necessary * parts extra
  • Inspect brake cables
  • Solvent clean rims

Hydraulic Brakes

  • Inspect brake pads for wear and replace if necessary  * parts extra
  • Clean rotors and inspect for damage
  • Adjust Caliper alignment if necessary.

 PRICE: R750.00

Services are based on bikes being booked in – we will try our best to accommodate your time schedule, but book early to avoid disappointment!

Prices exclude parts and non-standard repairs.