Trailside / Roadside repair course entry

The next Cranx trail and roadside repair course will happen on the 20th October 2018!  

The course is a mix of Theory and Practical and is aimed at all riders who want to deal with typical road and trailside eventualities such as a puncture, a broken chain, a cut sidewall or a mangled derailleur.  

To ensure hands-on attention, a maximum of 10 places per course are available.  

PRE-BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL - First come, first served.  

The course will cover:

- Pre-Race check
- Bike Prep
- Essential Tools & Spares
- Puncture Repairs / Tubeless repairs 
- Wheel Removal
- CO2 bombs / adapters
- Chain breaking & fixing / Master Link removal and installation
- Derailleur bypass
- Questions

We will also discuss gear cable adjustment, brake pad replacement and basic suspension setting should there be sufficient interest.

Bring your bike!  Coffee and snacks will be served.



Price: ZAR 380.00

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